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A Listening Project

"IDEAs is committed to giving voice and space to artists and all who are touched by the medium of theatre.

This series features artists and designers who have been marginalized by White American Theatre, and speak

out against the industry that has oppressed them. First hand accounts of abusive practices and policies reveal

the need for reforms to all aspects of the theatre-making process. The voices of these outspoken artists call for

action while manifesting their desire for thoughtful change to come from this current moment of deep reflection."

Outspoken: Into The Light

Outspoken: The Time is Now

Click the icon to view other episodes on the IDEA Stages YouTube site:

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Our deepest thanks to these sponsoring organizations:

5280 Artists Co-Op, Emancipation Theatre Company, The Catamounts, Local Theatre Company,

Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Theatre29 Denver, Vintage Theatre Productions,

Firehouse Theater Company, Phamaly Theatre Company,  TheatreWorks Colorado Springs,

Jefferson Arca, The Clocktower Cabaret, FaithBridge, and Chinook Fund


How-To Series/Accessibility DIY

This series features how-to instructions for theatres looking to make their spaces acommodating to differently-abled patrons and artists.

See more videos by clicking HERE

Dream Cast

Dream Cast is a cabaret for historically sidelined performers to take centerstage. ​BIPOC artists and activists showcase --  oppressions and the worlds they live in. R.acism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and other bigotries have long locked the best roles into tiny cages, to be played only by white, thin, cis, straight, non-disabled people.​Theater must show us our complicated, beautiful, rich and diverse humanity. Black lives matter. Dreamers matter. Who tells a story matters. 

See more videos by clicking HERE

Coffee & Cold Read

In partnership with BookBar and Whitter Cafe, this script reading club discusses the voices of the Global Majority and underrepresented playwrights, antiracist and social/racial justice in theatre.​

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