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A grassroots outreach organization providing resources and accountability work toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility on stage.

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We galvanize theater makers to take demonstrable action toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.


We envision the performing arts regularly celebrating and amplifying the voices, stories, talents, and abilities of all people. We drive to see a rich landscape of these diverse talents in the boardroom, the producer’s seat, the director’s chair, the playwright’s pen, the stage, the audience, from the decision’s process, and beyond. 

We were founded by actor-vist Lisa Young, (a Black Woman who is a stroke survivor), in May 2020 after the deaths of Amaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd and countless other Black people.  In 2020, as we consider the impact of COVID19 and the mobilization and out-cry for justice from people supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, we must also ask "What are we prepared to do to dismantle racism, anti-Blackness and inequalities in theatre?"   

We are a grassroots outreach organization providing activism,  resources and accountability for the work of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access (DEIA) in theaters to our members.  We serve our membership of individuals, companies and communities by granting IDEAs designations to organizations which fulfill guiding principles called Pillars of Inclusion, within their policy and infrastructure. We are Change Agents, who are making demonstrable advancements, real and effective.

Areas of Focus:

steering & endorsement

The operational arm. Responsible for the establishment and evolution of guiding principles and responsible for the endorsing of organizations who hold active plans in good standing with their stakeholders and communities.

alliance & Resource

The services arm. A coalition of member organizations and theater makers who serve as resources for one another and establish and share resources with the community in advancing IDEAs goals.

accountability & Action

The activation arm. Communities, audiences and industry professionals deeply invested in promoting awareness of IDEAs principles, who use their voices to create change and steady improvement of the industry's embodiment of the principles. 

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Lisa Young, Founder

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Marisa D. Hebert

Marisa D. Hebert

Meet the Start-Up Team

GerRee Hinshaw


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A grassroots outreach organization providing resources and accountability work toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility on stage

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