Welcome! We are...

A grassroots outreach organization providing resources and accountability work toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility on stage. 

Our Mission

We galvanize theater makers to take demonstrable action toward inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility.

Our Vision

We envision the performing arts regularly celebrating and amplifying the voices, stories, talents, and abilities of all people. We drive to see a rich landscape of these diverse talents in the boardroom, the producer’s seat, the director’s chair, the playwright’s pen, on the stage, in the audience, from the decision making process, and beyond. 


What's Happening Now...

Outspoken: A Listening Project

This series features artists and designers who have been marginalized by White American Theatre, and who

speak out against the industry that has oppressed them.


Learn more about Outspoken HERE

Coffee and Cold Reads

In partnership with BookBar and Whitter Cafe, this script reading club discusses the voices of the Global Majority and underrepresented playwrights, antiracist and social/racial justice in theatre.

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How-To Series

In partnership with Phamaly, this series features tips for making shows accommodating to differently-abled patrons. Productions support: Chaos Bloom.


Learn more about the How-To Series HERE

DIY Accessibility Series

Ben Raanan, Artistic Director of Phamaly Theatre Company, shows theaters how to make an easy and cheap “Touch Tour in a Box” for audience members who are blind, low vision, or interested for any reason!


Click HERE to register for this event!

Dream Cast!

Dream Cast is a cabaret for historically sidelined performers to take centerstage. 

BIPOC artists and activists showcase --  oppressions and the worlds they live in.

Racism, ableism, homophobia, transphobia and other bigotries have long locked the best roles into tiny cages, to be played only by white, thin, cis, straight, non-disabled people.

Theater must show us our complicated, beautiful, rich and diverse humanity. Black lives matter. Dreamers matter. Who tells a story matters. 

We are our ancestors' wildest dreams come true.